The Ghost Writer (2010): Seeking McAra's Hidden Message

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Published 30 Nov 2011
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The clip seeking McAra's hidden message from The Ghost Writer (2010)

You thought it was a trap?
It crossed my mind.
You do work for Lang.
Yeah, for three days. I hardly know the guy.
Who does? I worked for him for 15 years, till he fired me, and I still can't fathom him.
Yeah, his wife said more or less the same.
There you go. If someone as sharp as Ruth can't get him, what hope do we have?
Tough day?
Yeah, you could say that.
You have the book?
He's got it.
Before we go any further, I wonder if I might take a look at that book.
No. Before we go any further, there's a few things I'd like to know first.
Such as, why did Mike McAra have your number?
Okay. Sure.
He was helping me.
McAra? How?
Mike found the documents linking Lang to the torture flights.
What? It was McAra who gave you the documents?
Yeah, Mike McAra. The loyalest of the loyal.
But why?
He didn't like discovering he was working for a war criminal.
Would you?
Oh, I forgot. You are.
The book?
Well, don't tell me you're gonna read it now.
Not all of it. Just the beginning.
There's something very important about it.
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