Edgeworld Hack V1 for Facebook - 2011 (HD) -


Uploaded on December 01, 2011 by KarylPantanorfd

download here: http://freefilestart.com/renettaleist32/Hack

After long waiting, we finally managed to hack EdgeWorld for real. Proofs in the video and inside the hack. Also, we buyed a new domain to promote this amazing hack and much more. We will make more soon but right now we are presenting our latest hack for EdgeWorld.

Instructions to download from Sharecash:
1. Choose one survey
2. Complete it with your details
3. Download your file.
P.S. Some surveys are not free, that's not a problem. Just choose another survey. Most countries have also free surveys.

Instructions to use the program:
1. Enter the program and enter 2 amounts between 0 and 20000 best
2.Wait for connect
3. Check your account.
4.If it's not working, wait one or two mor minutes. It just takes a while.

Unlimited Platinum
Unlimited Cash
+Unlimited Energy
+Unlimited Uranium
+Unlimited XP(currently in testing BETA)
+Much more on updated version

...all for free...

If you see any problems, comment or send me a message, but only if you tried the hack yourself and with a specific problem. You can contact me via email edgeworld1sthack@live.com

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