Taking Woodstock (2009): the Deal's off

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The clip the deal's off from Taking Woodstock (2009) and we're going to be the exclusive local ticket agen...
The clip the deal's off from Taking Woodstock (2009) and we're going to be the exclusive local ticket agency, too. They think at least 5,000 people are gonna buy tickets, or more. Five thousand coming here to White Lake? Elli, you're an idiot. Twenty people, thirty, okay, for a weekend. But 1,000, 5,000? They'll steal everything. Ma... We'll be sued in court by the neighbors. What kind of meshuga, hairy, barefoot person comes here in a heliocoptic that we should lay our good white sheets on the grass and ruin them, and then plot and revolutionize to take our hotel. Ma, he pays cash. Everyone pays cash here, you shnook! No, Ma, really. Open it. Open it. That's $5,000 for the rent, and another $5,000 for my services as liaison. Plus, think of the money we're gonna make off of commissions From the ticket sales! And also... El Monaco International Casino and Bar Mitzvah Center. Elliot? Hey, Max. Hi. Well, the phone hasn't stopped ringing since you left. And they're saying... I know. ...thousands of people might be coming to this thing. Yeah. Well, you know, that's gonna cost quite a bit to put things back in order, and to get the cows situated and so forth. I can understand, sure. Now, Elliot, you know I don't wish to mess up your festival. You know that. 'Cause I think what was done to those young people in Wallkill was just plain wrong. But I've been talking with Miriam, and we think if you could just go back and tell those people... How much? Seventy-five thousand. Not a penny less. Okay, I'll let them know. Okay, good. Bye-bye. What? Don't spend any of that money. That was Max. The deal's off. What? Impossible! Ma. Ma. Ma. Elli, don't try to stop her. She can't get far. And I read in the papers, you've already sold