Steinway Piano Model M 5'7" King LouisXVI Style $35,500


Uploaded on December 03, 2011 by Sonnys Pianos

Has to be one of the most beautiful pianos currently for sale in the world. Just rebuilt and refinished by high end world renown NYC rebuilders, Steinway Model M 5'7" King Louie Style Grand Piano. Originally manufactured in 1948. New board, pin block, finish, Steinway hammers and shanks, pins, string, dampers, bridges. Sublime tone and action response. Just regulated to world class level by Dan Cammarata. Beautiful original ivories. Everything about this piano is just magnificent. Very few like this still around. This one is a museum piece, gorgeous furniture, phenomenal instrument.Wish we could keep this one. Questions? Call Sonny Direct 631 475-8046.
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