Off Road Cycling in Western Australia


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The Munda Biddi Trail (which means path through the forest in the Nyoongar Aboriginal language) is fast becoming a world-class nature-based off-road cycling experience. There are few places left in the world where a 1000-kilometre track could be built through an undeveloped natural corridor. Combine Western Australia's vast areas of unspoiled forests and bushland, gentle terrain, and year-round cycling weather, and you have the ideal setting for an off-road cycle trail.

Every day on the trail is different. Imagine cycling through towering eucalyptus forests and ancient, unspoiled bushland. Discover plants and wildlife not found anywhere else in the world. Camp in shelters or stay in quaint country towns. Learn about Aboriginal culture and the rich heritage of the region as you visit wineries and attractions of the south west of Australia.

The Munda Biddi is a trail with something for everyone. There are sections of trail that will suit anyone's cycling ability and pace. The trail is easily accessible by car, so you can begin your journey wherever it is convenient. Different sections of the trail will be suitable for cyclists of all levels, with challenging loops and spurs to be added once the main trail is completed. And because the trail is completely off-road, you can enjoy the scenery while you safely cycle through the forest on the dirt track.

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