Stockport Town Hall: Isnt It Romantic [HD]


Uploaded on December 08, 2011 by chrisorganist30

Me playing the magnificent 4 manual 20 rank Wurlitzer installed in the ballroom at Stockport town hall.

The organ features an upright piano attachment and this is situated just outside the chambers on the balcony at the rear of the ballroom. 'Isnt it romantic' makes excellent use of this 'coated' with Tibias 8 and 4 to give a really lush sound.

For this song, I was inspired by a recording of organist Stanley Wylie playing the Compton theatre organ now at St John Vianney Church in Clayhall, Essex. Being a Compton, Stanley had a melotone at his disposal. However, although I didnt have this I had a brilliant Wurlitzer Tibia rank of pipes, brilliant acoustics and a fine piano!

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