ATTACK OF THE CLONES! Hot Professors. [HD]


Uploaded on December 09, 2011 by phdmoralization

In which I run from a creepy army of Louis Letrush-es, and talk about something serious. Seriously.

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Today’s dose of Awesome: PENGUIN SAVIORS!


Long ago Penguins and Humans fought a war for the galaxy, and after a thousand years of war with quadrillions dead, humans did the unthinkable in a last desperate act - humans denied their enemy victory. As remaining human forces fell back to earth, Humans razed all worlds with orbital bombardment. Humans won the P-Day Invasion only to fight a lost war against overwhelming odds. Only one inhabitable planet remains for humans - Earth, which the penguins now have a foothold on. We are now in a corner some say we put ourselves in by launching random missiles into space. Fail humans fail. Recent penguin activity involves attempting to fly using rocket and jetpacks, but at 6000 -feets- seem to crash into icebergs. Penguins are mortal enemies with the poor defenseless polar bears and Leopard Seals.

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