Impatient Dieter DMSO & MSM Series -- How To Tighten Loose Skin


Uploaded on December 16, 2011 by Impatientdieter

Why DMSO & MSM so good for your skin?
Because you are a hunter-gatherer. Your ancestors were exposed to the elements. You used to get loads of organic sulfur, not only in your diet, but from literally being exposed to rain water, ocean water, lakes. Now, you live in a house & eat processed food. You don't get the Sulfur internally or externally like your body was adapted to. When you take in organic sulfur topically & internally, you are restoring yourself the way nature intended.

Product Reviews:
Is all MSM the same? I thought so. In my next video, I'm going to show you guys the VAST difference between the TriMedica MSM lotion I now use, and the (sorry-to-say) ridiculously sub-standard Rich's MSM Lotion I originally had listed on my website. Yes, I said "show you"; you can literally visually see there is a difference between TriMedica, and that watered-down Rich's lotion. There is absolutely no comparison.

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