Tetris Battle MultiPack Cheats Facebook December 2011 Downloa...


Uploaded on December 17, 2011 by MayGreenfield

Download file here: http://filednet.com/jayhungerford40/Hack
Features :
1000 line sent
1 KO Finish
500 Exp
99 Coins
Unlimited Mino Collection For Unlimited Energy
Tuning Hack ( All Max)
hack by alvin
1. Download This MultiHack
2. Open MultiHack
3. You Will See a Folder Inside, Drag It To Desktop
4. Go To The Folder Then Open Fiddler2Setup(Installer)
5. Install it
6. Go Back To Folder And Open Fiddler.exe
7. Go To The AutoResponder Tab, Check Enable Automatic
Responses And Unmatched Requests Passthrough
8. Go Back To Folder And Grab All the file including init except the Notepad to Fiddler
9. Open Google Chrome and Clear Cache
10. Then Login Facebook, Then Play Tetris

How To Clear Cache
*Open Google Chrome
*Look At The Upper Right Of It
*You'll See Wrench There
*Click It
*Click Options
*You'll See Now The Settings
*Look At The Left Side And Click Under The Hood
*At The Top Middle, Click Clear Browsing Data
*Check All And Click Clear Browsing Data..
Your Finished

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