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MY LIFE HAS CHANGED! The pain was pretty consistent. I have had a lot of trouble with sciatic nerve problems and family history of back problems. I have been fighting this for about 35 years. I found Vitality a couple years ago and it was the answer I had been looking for. I had been to a lot of chiropractors before to relieve the pain but not correct it. I feel now like the problem is corrected. My life has changed. I can do sports again like I want to. I can work pain free.

Dr. Johnston is wonderful to work with. The staff here is fantastic and very attentive to all of your needs. They really have gone above and beyond. Vitality Health Center has been the answer to all of my prayers.

-Duncan B

-Avis L.

I can walk, I can sleep, I can sit, it has been great! I get a treatment three times a year.

If I had not gotten treatment I would not be walking today- I could not go on.

-Richard C.

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