Visual Basic 2011 Getting Started


Uploaded on December 21, 2011 by LucyVaitoneso800

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Hey everyone! I will be making a bunch of video's on how to learn to program yourself! There will be 5 lessons with 10 videos in them each! Do the math that's a total of 50 videos on how to program yourself! Don't worry it's not just a copy it yourself and not learn how to do it! I will teach you along the way what codes do what and what operations do what.

This is dedicated to Black Sun Studios

Programmed by Keith Martin A.K.A bSun CrustyNutz
Edited by: Keith Martin
I own none of the software I only use it for promotional use.

Software used:
Microsoft Visual Basics 2010 Express

All are free and downloadable.

~Thank's for watching!

I also own none of the music and or sound's used in this video and any other of my videos. No copyright fragment intended.

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