Funk Guitar and Funk Rhythm For Guitarists, The Basics L4L4 [HD]


Uploaded on December 22, 2011 by Rex Pearson

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Funk Guitar Strumming, A Basic Guide to Funk Rhythm

Time to start playing funky in this Guitar lesson!!

Funk guitar is a style in itself and at this stage it would be far too much of a task to try and teach you everything you need to develop your funk guitar playing. To play Funk or Funky you have to play with a mixture of the unique right hand strumming technique and also make use of extended chords rather than the basic Major and Minor chords we have covered so far. In this lesson we are just going to look at 1 way you can start making your chords sound funky. This is the idea of having a consistent 16th note pattern with the right hand and then accenting particular points of the beat until you create a pattern that you can then loop. It's extremely important that you think long and hard about the notes you want to accent and make sure your repeating it the same each time very slowly. After a few repeats of your new funk rhythm slowly (a maximum of 4 notes a beat at 60bpm) you will get a feel. It won't sound much slow, funk guitar is played lightning fast and is part of the style so you will need to gradually increase the tempo trying to keep the accents in the right place and maintaining a down up stroke consistently.

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