Pentatonic Positions 1 and 2, Pentatonic Shapes Blending! For... [HD]


Uploaded on December 22, 2011 by Rex Pearson

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Pentatonic Scale Positions Shifting and Blending the Pentatonic Shapes

Ever wanted to learn how to play penatonic scale positions musically?

So you should at this stage know 2 pentatonic positions, which consist of 2 box shapes that we learn on the fret board that make up the pentatonic scale positions. In future lessons I will show you how you can learn the rest of the pentatonic shapes very easily. In total there are 5 pentatonic positions that you will eventually need to learn but for know 2 will give you plenty of space for creating things. Usually at this stage many students wonder how its possible to learn all the scales that are out there and why. When you learn a scale for the first time it is usually quite difficult to do and usually feels a little unnatural, once you have cracked the first positions the skills are very transferable to learning other positions.

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