Blues Chords + The 12 Bar Blues Chord Progression For Guitar ... [HD]


Uploaded on December 22, 2011 by Rex Pearson

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The Blues Chords And 12 Bar Blues Progression Lesson Description

Learning the blues chord progression

Ever heard of people talk about Blues Chords? or maybe referred to as blues music or 12 bar blues? Well in this guitar lesson I give you a rundown of the what the 12 bar blues chords are and how to play them on your guitar, its a very popular chord progression and thats why we are learning it, usually its played with a blues shuffle rhythm but it doesnt have to be. We will even look at the blues shuffle rhythm that you covered in your strumming pattern section of the level 4 guitar course as part of this lesson, you will learn how to play the chords, learn how long to play each in order to get a 12 bar blues progression and then we will look at some common variations, in the next lesson we will look at the theory so you can shift it into new keys without any problems and also understand which chords you are using from the key!

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