Jill Mattson - Healing Flower Symphonies Vol. 1


Uploaded on December 22, 2011 by carybjwybo

The Healing Flower Symphonies has captured the actual frequency of the flower essence remedies for the Bach Soul Flowers. Listening to a frequency of a substance is akin to ingesting it. For example if you listen to the frequency of niacin your face will flush, just as if you had ingested niacin! So listening to the frequencies of the flowers is like taking the flower remedy, which provides emotional healing. In addition the music creatively and intuitively takes you into the dark side of each emotion (such as impatience to patience) as a cathartic release - aiding in letting emotional baggage go. The music transitions into the feel of successful triumph and mastery of the emotion (such as fear to trust). The music allows you feel trust and subtly practice the feel of the successful emotion...and practice makes perfect! As we all improve our emotional energy, our impact on others improves, uplifting our worlds!

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