How to Get 20,000 Credits on Halo Reach in 10 Minutes

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Published 23 Dec 2011
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Step 1: Choose ONI:Sword Base in Campaign on Normal with free for all score.
Step 2: Run through the level till you can pick up the Target Locator.
Step 3: Walk to the door and wait for a "Checkpoint"
Step 4: Fire at the enemies!
Step 5: Press start, choose "Revert to last save" and let teh credits roll!
Some info needed to be known, it's good to achieve atmost 2 commendations during one run, after commendations are acuired the credits seem to decrease so it's good to "Save&Quit" and start again for another 10 minutes.

And are you're probably wondering "Howd' this guy get to a Lt. Colonerl?" He used this.
also this is a raw video so I would suggest turning down your volume lol.
Also must be online and the more commendations, the less points.  Yesterday at the start I was getting 60cr each time+ commendations
now I'm getting 25cr+commendations since I have most of them on gold.
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