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iCON Originals™ is a clothing line owned & designed by Lord Michael Chambers Rosenthorn,the underground rap pioneer also known as Lord Hector Diono, and was founded in Decatur Georgia USA. Being a fashion designer is all about innovation and creation. To be successful you need to think of a design that has never been seen before, or take a simple design like a mini-skirt and tweak it to be something completely unique! for this to work you need to be creative and need inspiration and imagination. iCON™ is a trademark of Lord Michael Chambers Rosenthorn and operates as an urban fashion conglomerate of national and international clothing distributors that have come aboard with the underground music icon to handle the shipping tasks of your chosen designed article of clothing; each specified order is shipped directly to you. Some orders can take up to two weeks to receive, and all purchases guarantee satisfaction.

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