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*******telemallusa****/index.php?route=product/product&filter_name=home&product_id=54 Proper exercise is a...
*******telemallusa****/index.php?route=product/product&filter_name=home&product_id=54 Proper exercise is an essential part of our body as it maintains health and keeps us fit. As we know, In today’s world people are often in bad health and the main reason behind this is lack of exercise, over nutrition and so on. Doctor's only advice is to exercise regularly as it makes life fit. Benefits of Home Jogger INCREASED BREATHING CAPACITY: Aerobic exercise enhances the oxygen carrying ability of the blood, activates cells, and urges metabolism by increasing blood circulation and delivering blood to peripheral nerves. BALANCED AUTONOMIC NERVOUS SYSTEM: The autonomic Nervous System is responsible for controlling the body’s metabolism. An unbalanced Autonomic Nervous System can cause nervousness, anxiety, peristaltic disease, fatigue and constipation. Home Jogger improves the body’s metabolism which prevents many of the problems mentioned above. IMPROVED BODY FLUID BASE-ACID EQUILIBRIUM: Perfect physician condition is achieved when fluid has a weak alkaline content. The fluid-base equilibrium varies according to food, exercise, climate and environment. Exercising on Home Jogger can help on attaining a good fluid base-acid equilibrium. ENHANCED INTERNAL ORGAN FUNCTION: The swing motion of the Home Jogger can massage internal organs to prevent constipation, and alleviate vulnerability of disease. Also the overall effect of aerobic exercise emphasizing the waist and belly may help one loose weight. STRENGTHEN SPINAL COLUMN: The vertebra is the most important support system of the human body. Frequently, the Vertebra (which controls the Automatic Nervous System) and the nervous system cannot operate properly due to trauma and other spiral problems. The Home Jogger can help in straightening muscles around the spine and therefore prevent costly trips to a chiropractor by helping the body naturally re-aligning the vertebra. REDUCED RESPIRATORY SYSTEM DISEASE: External respiration is defined as the process of exchanging carbon dioxide from the blood for oxygen from the outside air. Internal respiration is defined as the process that provides oxygen to cells and carries the product of metabolism, carbon dioxide to the lungs. Sufficient aerobic exercise can normalize both external and internal respiration and therefore prevent disease of the respiratory system. STRONG JOINTS: The swing motion of Home Jogger exercises all joints in the human body ensuring good circulation due to increased oxygen absorption. REDUCED MUSCLEFATIGUE: When exercising or working too hard, muscle fatigue is likely to occur. Increasing one’s metabolism with aerobic exercise can eliminate muscle fatigue. Aerobic Equipment According to several laboratory reports, a 15 minute workout with Aerobic oxygen Equipment i.e. Home Jogger is approx. equal to a brisk WALK of app. 10,000 steps. Modeled after a fish’s swimming motion, and yoga Asanas, this trunk-twisting exercise aids blood circulation and improves digestion. Home Hogger is portable, convenient and small. An easy Home Jogger can be used by By men and women of any age at any time and any place Home Jogger is an easy and comfortable way to get in shape and stay fit. Instructions For Use Place the Home Jogger on hard floor or bed but never place it on unstable surface such as a springy bed or soft mattress. Put the plug in the socket and user lies on the floor in front of the equipment and place his ankle on the top of sloppy position of the equipment. Turn the Timer to the desired time (15 minutes maximum). For the first exercise session you must set the timer for 5 or 6 minutes. Increase the duration of your exercise gradually. Your arms should rest freely while exercising. Keep eyes closed. For reducing fat one can put both hands folded down on the head. Pull down stomach inside as convenient while breathing normally. After exercising, remain lying down for 2 or 3 minutes. You may feel vibrating sensation in your legs and hands but this is normal. After 2 or 3 minutes of relaxation, bend legs and remain eyes closed for 30-60 sec., then turn sideways and sit for 1 minutes. Massage your joints and body. Never exercise for mote than 15 minutes at one time. For Optimal Results Drink a large glass of warm water before and after each session to keep the flow of blood circulation. Wear loose and comfortable clothes. Never switch on fan while exercising. If you sweat during your exercise session, be sure to cover yourself to prevent chills and colds. Do exercise several times in a day just to achieve desired fitness level. Home Jogger Help Inner strength of the whole body. Improving blood circulation. Eliminating fats. Relieving back pain, muscles pain etc Oxygen is essential to human body. When a goldfish swim, its whole body swings right and left, maintaining the spinal cord and respiratory system in good condition. The HOME JOGGER stimulates this swimming action to bring you the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Using the Home Jogger for 15 Minutes equivalent to walking 10,000 steps. Thus it can adjust your nerves system, protect organs, build up red blood cells and relive bronchitis, asthma, difficult breathing, neuralgia, back pain, constipation and shoulder ache. WARNING Children should use Home Jogger only under adult supervision. Do not use immediately after eating. Pregnant women, patients with a serious heart disease, pacemaker users and persons experiencing a recent operation or bone fracture, slip disc should not use this equipment. Do not use under the influence of alcohol. Stop if you feel dizzy or uncomfortable. Consult your physician before using if you have any doubt. Stop using immediately if there is any malfunction. Do not move the equipment while in use. Keep your body straight while using this equipment. This product will not be shipped outside India.