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Uploaded on September 10, 2007 by abduncafe

Here, little Ikhwan is laughing his heart out as I sing my heart out to him. I wrote him a song based on the melody of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (which I also sang towards the end of the video). Here, I enclose the lyrics to 'Ikhwan Rasydan' song (in Malay and with English translation):
Ikhwan Rasydan Bin Abdun Nizar. Nama Ibu Nor Hariza. Ikhwan budak lelaki, belum lagi tumbuh gigi.
Ikhwan Rasydan sudah minum susu. Lepas ini baca buku...
(the English version may not rhyme due to it being directly translated):
Ikhwan Rasydan Bin Abdun Nizar (his full name). Ibu's name is Nor Hariza (his mother's name). Ikhwan is a baby boy, who has not yet formed a teeth.
Ikhwan Rasydan had just been fed. After this it's time to read...

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