Weight Loss Diet: Quick Easy Meals, Healthy Whole Foods


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http://www.benevic.com/ This video discusses the five goals of the Bene Victus (healthy food) weight loss and weight maintenance diet. The diet offers a simple and inexpensive plan with very quick and easy to prepare meals. Learn more about the Bene Victus diet (for sale for $17) at http://www.benevic.com/.

An old farmer hired a new hand one day and found him to be the best worker he'd ever had. He worked rapidly and tirelessly plowing, planting and harvesting, repairing fences and machinery and taking care of the animals. One day the farmer asked his worker to sort a large pile of apples into large, medium and smalls. Hours later the farmer returned and found only a couple of apples had been sorted. Asked the problem the farm hand said he didn't mind hard work but hated making decisions.

The modern supermarket offers shoppers a bewildering choice of foods. The Bene Victus Diet (from Latin meaning healthy food) offers a simple, practical, easy and inexpensive diet plan. The goals of the Bene Victus diet are:
(1) A healthy diet of high-nutrient, low-calorie whole foods--the foods recommended by the AHA, the ACS, the WHO and other eminent nutrition scientists;
(2) A diet that leads to and maintains a person's ideal weight;
(3) A delicious and satisfying diet that is easy to follow because much larger quantities of food can be eaten when you eat nutrient-rich, low-calorie foods;
(4) Meals that are very quick and easy to prepare and clean up; and,
(5) A diet plan that is inexpensive--inexpensive in 3 ways--in the cost of the recommended foods, in the reduction of future medical bills and in the cost of the diet plan itself which is $17.

Learn more about the Bene Victus diet at http://www.benevic.com.

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