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http://GodToYou.com is a Christian education, Christian learning, Christian growing, Christian discipleship and mentoring service. We bring God To You, that is we bring His Word, His message, & the encouragement of the Gospel of Jesus.

We provide resources, direction and encouragement for following Jesus
so that you can help others also. (2Tim2:2)

We have several paid plans.

These plans cover both the resources, usually six+ books a year,
and our monthly direction and interactions with you.
We mail you the resources and we interact online.

Be prepared. We talk incessantly about His grace,
our brokenness, and the wonder of His good news of the Cross.
(Why? Because we need it so much.)

God, of course, causes any and all growth.
Let us encourage you today in the Gospel of Grace of Jesus Christ !

To start, email us & introduce yourself: info@godtoyou.com
And we'll tell you about us and the service.

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