Craigs List Tacoma Agents Flagging Is Hurting Local Home Owners

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First of all let me say the program our agents are running is 100% For Real and thats why THEY KEEP FLAGGIN...
First of all let me say the program our agents are running is 100% For Real and thats why THEY KEEP FLAGGING THE ADS, SO YOU DON"T GET TO FIND OUT ABOUT IT! Flagging on Craigslist Seattle has become a very big concern for business owners posting ads to any of the Craigslist Seattle Sections, but one category in particular is effecting you as a real estate home owner or home buyer. *******thehome-finder**** to see what they have been trying to keep you from knowing about It is the Real Estate for sale heading. Wouldn't you be upset to know that some agents were flagging ads on craigslist jut to keep you from finding out that you could use another agent to write up your house deal and GET BACK AT CLOSING UP TO 50% of their Agents commission? Thats THOUSANDS of dollars to you just for using these agents instead of other agents who won't do that for you. These agents do this for other clients, but you won't get to hear about it because these ads are being maliciously flagged for the sole purpose of keeping you in the dark about these other options to put more money in your pocket when buying a home. They try to discount this program in many ways and flagging is the most blatant method being used to get rid of the competition that they face. *******thehome-finder****/real-estate-agents-comparison/ to see what they have been trying to keep you from knowing about You as a home buyer or seller in todays market have many tools at your disposal to help you do a lot of the home buying/selling process yourself, without the need for an agents help full time. So this program rewards you for reducing that workload on an agent. We believe its 100% fair, but they do not want you to know about it so they flag the ads telling you about this program. We also offer a full 100% Listing service that rebates back up to 75% of the listing commission back at closing. So in essence when you use this program to list and buy your next home , you actually sell you home on the listing side for FREE, BETTER than FREE, because in most cases you are also getting back more money from the new home you buy as well. *******thehome-finder**** to see what they have been trying to keep you from knowing about But I guarantee you you may never see those ads on Craigslist Seattle either, since those keep getting flagged as well. So hopefully you will spread the word and let all your friends and family know what is going on with Craigslist Seattle agents/brokers flagging the competition to keep you paying them 6% when selling your home and keeping the full 3% to themselves for writing up next home when buying. *******thehome-finder****/best-real-estate-agents/ program for buyers *******thehome-finder****/best-real-estate-agent/ program for sellers We have proof of our ads being flagged because we have the emails showing they were removed due to flagging and we even have caught a few via ip tracing, but still more continue to flag the competition solely for selfish purposes. And in the end you are the one who is being manipulated and loses, because you could have saved or received back at closing literally THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS! Don't let them control the market like this SPREAD THE WORD OR THE LINK TO THIS VIDEO TODAY! craigslist craigslist boston craigslist seattle craigslist san diego craigslist los angeles craigslist portland oregon craigslist atlanta craigslist phoenix craigslist vancouver craigslist chicago craigslist salem oregon craigslist nyc craigslist austin texas craigslist miami craigslist austin craigslist canada craigslist denver craigslist dallas craigslist portland craigslist san antonio craigslist and new york craigslist tampa craigslist austin tx craigslist pittsburgh craigslist houston craigslist la chicago craigslist craigslist michigan craigslist minneapolis craigslist detroit boston craigslist craigslists detroit craigslist comox valley craigslist wisconsin craigslist craigslist nashville craigslist ny craigslist tucson san diego craigslist craigslist milwaukee craigslist yakima phoenix craigslist omaha craigslist craigslist baltimore sites like craigslist craigslist nva craigslist hawaii corpus christi craigslist craigslist spokane craigslist honolulu craigslist orlando craigslist /dallas,texas craigslist and portland craigslist las vegas craigslist orange county craigslist fresno san antonio craigslist charleston craigslist seattle craigslist wichita craigslist craigslist columbus craigslist toronto craigslist san francisco columbus craigslist craigslist dc craigslist sacramento craigslist california craigslist albuquerque portland craigslist craigslist macon,ga craigslist eugene craigslist providence craigslist washington craigslist lexington,ky craigslist charlotte new york craigslist craigslist seattle wa kitchener