Thanksgiving Dinner (Parody of "In the Ayer" by FloRida)


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The best part about making this was that I got to eat most of the props. It does have BG music this time, and the lyrics is in sync almost for all of it.

Milestone Facts:
100: Look closely at the "corn" when Smokey the Bad Cat is holding it, it's actually says great northern beans
200: When I'm overstuffed and fall back in the chair, there was a cushion there, but I missed it in the shot that I used for this XD
300: The gravy, aka "yellow sauce stuff" was actually an appropriate name; since we didn't have any gravy, it was actually coffee, milk, mustard, held up to the light to sillouette it
400: "Sandwich cranberries and chicken": the cranberries were grapes, and the chicken was a fried egg that looked like chicken if you don't look directly at it; since we didn't actually have real chicken atm.
500: "Pop's calzone" flashed by quickly, but if you look at it closely, it's a piece of Texas Toast with meatballs on it :/
600: The "roast chicken in the fry pan" ...actually is roast chicken though it DOESN'T look it. There's pineapple in it I guess is why.

Chorus 1: (x2)
So hot haaam,
Biscuits with jaaam,
Turkey, gravy, & racks of laaamb.
Thanksgiving, oh maaan.
Here comes the sweet & mashed potaters!
Ta-taters, taters, ta-taters.

Hey, pass the jam,
Y'all know uncle Stan,
He'll leave you not one biscuit.
That's pumpkin pie my favorite flavor, flavor,
Cut it all up, we'll savor, savor.
We invited all the neighbors, neighbors,
The nametags on the little papers.
Here we go, here's the green bean casserole,
Each day braggin bout Pop's calzone,
Get a plate before it's all gone.
Grandma's been cooking since, like, Tuesday morn.
I can't stop...if you give me the corn,
Been coming here since I was born.
Poker and
Pitch are played till the am,
I'm about to throw up, where's the trash can?

Roast chickeeen
In the fry paaan.
You can't start eatin til we say ameeen.
Thanksgiving, oh maaan.
I'm overstuffed, yeah, I don't care!
Ca-care, care, ca-care.

Hey, I just might pour the gravy,
Love that yellow sauce stuff, it's amazing,
Tripped up, now it's running down my leg-y.
We eat pie at 747 pm, ¿sí?
Laughing, no stopping the smile on your face.
No one touched the broccoli with vitamin A.
Food for an army, that's the familyyyyyyyy.
We are like the pilgrims trying to thank thee,
Hear me shout it up
So we can start to munch.
Okay, now fill up my cup
With some of that good punch.
Everybody take a chair, chair,
And pass around the tomaters, maters.
Everybody please eat fair, fair.

No stuffiiiiin,
But lots of stuffed haaaam,
Why don't we throw in some of those yaaaams.
Thanksgiving, oh man!
Time to go again, see ya later
La-later, later, la-later, later, la-later, later...

Aight now stop, toast!
Put yo juicebox in the ayer,
To grandpa, gramma, and God,
Now tip up nice to see the family.
Pucha hands up, putcha putcha hands up,
Putcha hands up if you like
Crazy gravy on your ham on pumkin pie.
It may sound retarded, no this the truth:
Sandwich cranberries and chicken
If you do that putcha hands in the ayer.

So hot haaam,
Biscuits with jaaam,
Turkey, gravy, & racks of laaamb.
Thanksgiving, oh maaan.
Here comes the sweet & mashed potaters!
Ta-taters, taters, ta-taters.

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