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EXPLAINED TO ME HOW IT ALL WORKED!!!! Despite the fact that there was a lot wrong with my brakes, I knew they weren't scamming me--they showed me up-close the wear and tear that was on my breaks, and explained to me how it all worked. All while being completely polite and friendly.

NO CHARGE..>!!! Took it back in and Todd had it completely checked out. Apparently the metallic pads were not suited to my HHR so they put ceramic pads on. They re-turned the rotors, lightly sanded the read drum shoes and re-tested. No more squeak. NO CHARGE.

RECEIVED SOME GOOD NEWS!!! Just received some good news about store 29 Northwest Hwy and manager Dale Warren. The owner of a Mesquite Nail Salon took his vehicle to the this store and is very pleased with the service he received. He told me they did a really good job on his car. Just wanted to pass along the good news. Way to go guys.

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