Allure, Sex Lies & Extortion Web Series EP2 Gina Lynn [18+]


Uploaded on January 17, 2012 by shawn cain

Allure, Sex Lies & Extortion Web Series EP2 Gina Lynn, Chuck Williams, Shawn Cain, Travis Night
Through the world of Sex Lies and Extortion, Congressman William Fox controls all that is around him. William facing a very tough reelection campaign and the lack there of funding, turns to the sex tapes that has wife Laurie has been making with his high power friends for years. Through extortion William plans to pay for his reelection. Laurie is a beautiful seductress that comes off sweet and innocent but is every bit as ferocious as the man she is married to. Laurie has been seducing unknowing men for years for her husbands gain. Walker dances the razors edge till he finds himself in an unknowing extortion scam that may cost him his life. All lives will be destroyed, everyone's past will be reveled, no one escapes unblemished.

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