Potato Protein Powder [HD]


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Why is Potato Protein Powder your #1 choice?

A new form of protein powder has arrived that will now be your number one choice if you prefer vegetable based protein powders, or want to avoid soy, dairy, lactose, and egg. Introducing potato protein isolate. Potato protein isolate protein powder is by far superior in every aspect over other vegetable proteins such as soy, pea and rice. While soy has estrogenic properties, which are harmful to your health in so many ways and pea and rice have a low biological values, potato protein isolate contains no soy and/ or soy lecithin and has a much higher biological value than rice or pea. In fact potato protein has a higher biological value than casein, more BCAA’s than whey protein, and overall contains more essential amino acids than any other protein powder. The choice is clear, potato protein isolate is your NEW #1 Choice for a highly digestible, fast absorbing, superior nutrition, and vegetable protein.

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