Burn After Reading - CIA Assessment

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2 Scenes where the CIA first assesses what's going on, then the ending where the CIA concludes what actuall...
2 Scenes where the CIA first assesses what's going on, then the ending where the CIA concludes what actually happened! Priceless piece of art! LOL ************ PART 1 *************** Palmer, what's up? Not quite certain, sir, but it's messy. Kolyma Two tells us they have computer files from an ex-analyst of mine, Osborne Cox. Kolyma Two? Our man in the Russian Embassy. Hmm. They were brought in to them by a woman... The Russians? Yeah. It was brought in by a woman named Linda Litzke, an associate of a guy named Harry Pfarrer. Picture's in the file, with Pfarrer's. - The Russians? - Yeah. And who's Pfarrer? Treasury guy who has been screwing Mrs. Cox. That must be how they got the files. Or maybe Ozzie knows about them. They all seem to be sleeping with each other. All right. Spare me. Yes, sir, but this Treasury guy... it's become complicated. He just shot somebody in Ozzie's house. Shot your analyst? No, Ozzie wasn't there. Our man surveilling hears a gunshot, sees the guy wrestle something into his car. Follows him. He dumps a body in the Chesapeake Bay. Well, what'd he do that for? Don't know, sir. For Christ sake, did anyone fish the body out? Mmm-hmm. And Russian? American? Don't know. Scrubbed of ID. And this Linda... Linda Litzke. Yeah, she's Treasury? No. We're fuzzy on her. So we don't really know what anyone is after. Not really, sir. And this analyst, ex-analyst... Cox. Yeah. What's his clearance level? Three. Okay, no biggie. Just, for now, just keep an eye on everyone, see what they do. Yes, sir. And we'll interface with the FBI on this dead body. No! No. God, no. We don't want those idiots bumbling around in this. Burn the body. Get rid of it. And keep an eye on everyone, see what they do. Report back to me when... I don't know, when it makes sense. ************ PART 2 ************************ Wait. Wait a minute. Where is the Treasury guy? Pfarrer? - Right now? - Right now. He is in a detention room at Washington Dulles. Why? He was trying to board a flight to Venezuela. We had his name on a hot list. CBP pulled him in. Don't know why he was trying to go to Venezuela. You don't know. No, sir. We have no extradition with Venezuela. Oh! So what should we do with him? For fuck's sake, put him on the next flight to Venezuela. Yes, sir. Okay. - Okay. So the gym manager is dead. - Yes, sir. The body is... That's gone, sir. Okay. But there was a snag. What? Well... this analyst, Cox, was attacking the gym guy. It was in broad daylight, on the street. Our man did not know what to do. Felt he had to step in. Yes? He... He shot the analyst. He shot Cox. Good. Great. Is he dead? No, sir. He's in a coma. They don't think he's gonna make it. They don't think... They're pretty sure that he has no brain function. Okay. Okay. If he wakes up, we'll worry about it then. Jesus, what a clusterfuck. So, that's it then? No one else really knows anything. Okay. Um... Well, sir, there is... What? There is the woman, the gym woman, Linda Litzke. Oh! Fuck, yeah. God! Where is she? We picked her up. We have her. We have her? To do what with? She says she'll play ball if we pay for some, I know this sounds odd, some surgeries that she wants, cosmetic surgery. She says she'll sit on everything. How much? There were several procedures. - Altogether they... - Pay it. Yes, sir. Okay. Yeah. Jesus fucking Christ! Yeah. What do we learn, Palmer? I don't know, sir. I don't fucking know, either. - I guess we learn not to do it again. - Yes, sir. I'm fucked if I know what we did. Yes, sir, it's hard to say. Jesus fucking Christ.