Play Word Maker on Points2Shop [HD]


Uploaded on January 20, 2012 by dpaules
If you want to play this game for points, check out the provided link. You can spend your points on rewards from Amazon(imagine that!). Anything that you can find on Amazon, can be bought with Points2Shop currency. On the site, you can also do various surveys and offers for points or cash. If you want to read more about the site, check any of the links below for more instructions or you could just sign up below for a free 250 points (Points2Shop link) or $0.50 free (Cashle link).

Make sure you clear your browser cookies before you sign up, so that you don't have any problems with the registration process. If you sign up today with the link below, I will be sure to help you with your questions after registration.

For More Information on the Site, Check the links below

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