I Kissed A Vampire Official Trailer [HD]


Uploaded on January 30, 2012 by monterey media

Haunted by bizarre dreams about Goth rocker Trey Sylvania (DREW SEELEY), and experiencing a growing lust for blood, Dylan (LUCAS GRABEEL), a not-so-average teenager finds himself transforming into a vampire! It all started when he was bitten by a voracious fanged exchange student, and it's a process he is desperate to stop - but how? His demented dentist can't do anything about Dylan's aching teeth and emerging fangs, and the anti-bloodsucking pills he gets from his para-psychologist just give him a rash. Dylan is terrified and he doesn't know what to do - especially about his beautiful girlfriend Sara (ADRIAN SLADE).

Vampires, I Kissed A Vampire, Drew Seeley, Lucas Grabeel, Musical, Romantic Comedy, Comedy
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