An Incredible Scheme - Week 4 - I Made America [HD]


Uploaded on February 08, 2012 by IMadeAmerica

As George Washington gets acclimated to his new job, Franklin and Hamilton are at home dealing with Madison as his mind gets increasingly worse. Jefferson heads off to practice music while John Adams heads off to his first day of work. Franklin and Hamilton soon discover a gift that Madison has... what kind of gift is this? Watch and find out!
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Benjamin Franklin-Keith Habersberger
Alexander Hamilton-Nick Cardiff
Thomas Jefferson-Matt "Tinz" Herzau
James Madison-Logan Dean
George Washington-Scott Danielson
John Adams-Brian Wohl
Director-Marc Muszynski
Written by 
Josh Nordmark,Marc Muszynski
Producers-Erica Lynn Schmeck,Catherine Foster
Editor-Keith Habersberger

Caroline-Becky Blomgren
Parker-Carlo Garcia
Grey-Scott Hogan
Lawyers-Becky Miller,Courtney Fontaine,Josh Nordmark
Bar Fly-Mitch Wohl
Theme Song-Keith&Tinz(+Klahsio)
Theme Song Mastering-Matt Richert
Additional Scoring-Matt "Tinz" Herzau
Casting-Lauren Aimone,Marc Muszynski
DP-Tony Schiavone
Gaffer/Grip-Michael P. Noens,Catherine Foster,Dean Cardiff
Production Sound Mixer-Ashley Alysa France
Executive Story Editor-Josh Nordmark
Post Production Supervisor-Michael P. Noens
Colorist/Assistant Editor-Tony Schiavone
Sound Editor-Ashley Alysa France
Assistant Production Sound Mixer-Evelyn Arteaga
Assistant Camera Operator-Dean Cardiff
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