FlixsNow $25 Per Year Unlimited Video & Game Rentals

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http://www.flixsnow.com Use vip as your referral http://www.flixsnow.net?a_aid=vip
Does your family enjoy watching movies?
From the Creator of MagicJack... Move Over Netflix
Dr. Jack Johnson, the creator of the MAGICJACK, has started a program (like Netflix) called FlixsNow.

You will be able to rent unlimited movies for $25 A YEAR!! That's right $25 year and make commission every time you refer someone.
This is a PreLaunch Opportunity. Just opened. Sign up now for FREE and pay your annual subscription on 2/15/2012 of Only one-time annual $25.00
for all the movies you want to see. I decided this is to good to pass up as I will save money on my Blockbuster rentals plus earn affiliate commissions.
Watch the short presentation at: http://www.flixsnow.com
If you like what you see scroll down to the bottom and click on the Money and fill out the form
Put in as your referrer: vip
This is so easy to market OR simply enjoy watching movies cheap.

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