How To Make A Glowing Pickle (Fire Pickle)

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Uploaded on September 08, 2007 by MrBozipper

As all of you science-oriented people know, a strong enough electrical current will "jump" across metal terminals. I believe the term is call "ionizing", as whatever is in between the contacts gets ionized as the current passes through it. This ionization often produces light and sparks. You may also know that water conducts electricity very well. Furthermore, Ionic salts dissolved in water conduct electricity extremely well. By the way, please correct me if I'm wrong about the chemistry here. Anyway, this may lead one to speculate as to what happens when a powerful current passes through an object that is saturated with a salty, ionic fluid....say, a pickle.... This makes a fun, if not dangerous science project. At the very least, its a great way to impress and confuse your friends. Also, please be careful as this kind of unshielded, raw current is very very dangerous.

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