Bruce Lee Concept Lesson (Jeet Kune Do) Part 4

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Uploaded on September 08, 2007 by oohungoo

This is for all of you who can't afford a jeet kune do lesson and for all those who are interested in Bruce Lee's fighting concept.

But notice! (VERY IMPORTANT!!!):

-Please do not use these techniques for senseless attacking. Use them to defend yourself.

- If you want to lern these techniques at home
it doesn't reach to watch this video once or twice!
You have to lern all these techniques carefully! Not just in one day!

-First train every part of your body, then train your reflexes and then start with the Jeet Kune Do Training!

- Please do not use real knifes to performe these knife-techniques! Use gum-knifes or lumber-knifes!

- The Jeet Kune Do Concept is not a style it is not a product. It's a process.


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