Woman Punches Son at Anger Management Class

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(Image source: The Smoking Gun) BY BRICE SANDER Say you have a history of violent behavior, but you want ...
(Image source: The Smoking Gun) BY BRICE SANDER Say you have a history of violent behavior, but you want to work on it. So, you start anger management classes. Sounds like a step in the right direction, right? Well, until you allegedly punch your kid in the face during one of those classes. Kentucky’s WDRB reports. “Reports say Misty Lawson’s son suffered a bruise on his cheek and redness to his eye. The counselor reported it to police. Lawson is charged with assault...” The Smoking Gun interviewed the 30-year-old mom from Louisville, who tried to explain what allegedly happened. “Lawson acknowledged that she ‘smacked’ her son twice in the face after he called her a ‘bitch.’ The boy, she added, has significant behavioral problems and was trying to attack her when she hit him. ‘They make it sound like I beat my child like an adult,’ said Lawson.” This isn’t the first time Lawson’s made it into the news. The New York Post walks us through another child-related charge on her rap sheet. “Lawson was previously arrested in June 2011 on charges of wanton endangerment and endangering the welfare of a minor for leaving [her sons], ages nine and 12, in the sweltering backseat of a car while she and a man went into a store to have their pictures taken.” Those charges were dropped, but Lawson’s bouts with the law don’t stop there — The Daily Mail reports she’s also received stolen property, been found in the possession of pot, resisted arrest and been held in contempt of court. (Video: WLKY) Kentucky court records don’t show that she’s been convicted on any of those charges. Still — a Gather blogger questions how she still has the rights to her kids. “Really, anger management only works if you're smart enough to be a functional member of society. That is obviously something Misty Lawson is not … CPS needs to remove these children from her care. And while they're at it, they should sterilize this idiot so she doesn't use the term ‘professional baby maker’ as her Facebook career label anymore.” While Gather might be taking it a little far there — remember, she hasn’t been found guilty of anything yet — Lawson is expected to appear in court Tuesday for the assault charges.