"Conquest Of Paradise" by LeMooKyo


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Wish you all happy “Valentines day”.

“Conquest of Paradise”

This music is by a Greek composer, Mr.Vangelis. He has many pieces that are very good and being in Greece, there is some oriental feeling in it. It was written for a film on the discovery of America “Conquest of Paradise” (I think it was directed by Riddle Scott in 1992).

I am great full to one of my friends & Flautists from Spain Mr.Jose Luis, who after being touched by the sound of my Bansuri, thought that this piece would sound good on Bansuri & sent me an audio clipping of this song, played on Clarinet by great Greek performer, Mr.Vassili Saleas.
I sent this audio clipping to my mentor & Guru Dr.Len in U.S.A who re-arranged the notes, to suit Bansuri, as original was composed for Chromatic scale,

“Conquest of Paradise”
Re-arranged & Performed by : LEMOOKYO
LE = Len,( Played Clarinet in this video )
Dr.Len = U.S.A. ( from Ohio ) , has been playing me all the wind instruments for more than 50 years. He is a retired Director of a music school & travelled around the world in Cruise ship performing live.
He is my Guru & Mentor.

MOO = Moogi ( Bansuri, Indian Bamboo Flute, Video & mixing )
MOOGI =INDIA. ( Mumbai ) I have been learning & playing Bansuri since 4 years.

KYO = Sakyo ( Percussion & Guitar )
Sakyo = JAPAN, has a day job & music is his hobby & passion. Has been my fan & friend. He likes the natural sound of Bansuri.
Links : http://youtu.be/fqjN0WYNf5M

Pls use headphones to listen as recording level is low. We “LEMOOKYO” would sincerely request your feedback & comments on the video

Good day

Love & Peace

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