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Visit us at or call us at 702.385.3530. Attorney Andrew S. Wentworth,ESQ has been doing bankruptcy cases for over 38 years. Without exception, all of his clients have obtained a complete discharge of their bankruptcy petition (Chapter 7). Only a few in Chapter 13 cases have not been completed due to non-payment of the plan. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a complete discharge of all assets and liabilities. Andrew's clients pay an affordable fee and court costs, and after the correct amount of time has passed all of his clients receive a full discharge. Chapter 13 is a bankruptcy case wherein the client pays money to the trustee in bankruptcy and pays their debts through a payment plan over a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 5 years. The secured creditors (up to the value of the security) get paid (in payments) 100% on the dollar, and the unsecured may get paid 100% or less over a period of time. The foreclosure of houses in Nevada leads all of the 50 states. Under certain circumstances, there is a way to completely eliminate 2nd and 3rd mortgages. He loves to file bankruptcy. Andrew's clients are put into the driver's seat and are no longer the victims of harassing bill collectors. Bankruptcy puts an end to this kind of chaos and madness. He does all the work himself, you deal with him, not a paralegal. He goes to the hearings with you. Call him for a free consultation.

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