New Epic Media - NSM Rap "No Spider Mite, Mite, Baby"

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You have already voted for this video. See the new music video for "No Spider Mite, Mite, Baby", starring New ... See the new music video for "No Spider Mite, Mite, Baby", starring New Epic Media's content writer: Damian Edwards. This parody of the Vanilla Ice song, "Ice Ice Baby", is sure to entertain you as well as inform you of how to keep your plants spider-mite-free! LYRICS: Aw, yeah No Spider Mites, baby Gotta get rid of them I know just the way Greenway Nutrients Let's kill 'em All right, stop I see spider mite symptoms Now I’m back with a brand new invention Pumpin Grabs a hold of them tightly Spider mite pest roam daily and nightly Will it ever stop Yo, i don’t know Pull up the blog, it says ‘no’ Truly extreme the bites spread like a scandal Hit ’em with treatment, that's too hard to handle Dance They’re not filling your room Now i got flourishing portobello mushrooms Deadly treatment draining the energy Anything less than the best ain’t a remedy Organic treatment is the only way Cause when it hits bullseye it will not play If there was a mite, then now they’re fallin No Spider Mite, the organic to solve it No Spider Mite, Mite, Baby No Spider Mite, Mite, Baby Man i come home, i got all these bugs on my plant, man They weren't there when i woke up I come home they're all over my place, man And the girls can't even come over Cause they come in and meet the mite's first The mite talkin bout 'Hello" I said 'What's goin on?' I said 'I don't have roommates. I don't have time for this'. You know. I need to have a social life. I need to get this Greenway Nutrient Because once you spray it, bam They're gone, baby They're gone Director: Maurice Powers (Director Of Video Production) Lyrics: Damian Edwards (Content Writer) Vocals: Damian Edwards (Content Writer) Mixer: Tom Battaglia (Director Of Operations) Guitar Instrumentals: Chris Kernstock (Marketing & Promotions Manager) New Epic Media 2000 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd. Concourse Tower 1, Suite 901 West Palm Beach, FL 33409 561-282-0365