New Epic Media - NSM Rap "No Spider Mite, Mite, Baby"

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*******www.newepicmedia**** See the new music video for "No Spider Mite, Mite, Baby", starring New ...
*******www.newepicmedia**** See the new music video for "No Spider Mite, Mite, Baby", starring New Epic Media's content writer: Damian Edwards. This parody of the Vanilla Ice song, "Ice Ice Baby", is sure to entertain you as well as inform you of how to keep your plants spider-mite-free! LYRICS: Aw, yeah No Spider Mites, baby Gotta get rid of them I know just the way Greenway Nutrients Let's kill 'em All right, stop I see spider mite symptoms Now I’m back with a brand new invention Pumpin Grabs a hold of them tightly Spider mite pest roam daily and nightly Will it ever stop Yo, i don’t know Pull up the blog, it says ‘no’ Truly extreme the bites spread like a scandal Hit ’em with treatment, that's too hard to handle Dance They’re not filling your room Now i got flourishing portobello mushrooms Deadly treatment draining the energy Anything less than the best ain’t a remedy Organic treatment is the only way Cause when it hits bullseye it will not play If there was a mite, then now they’re fallin No Spider Mite, the organic to solve it No Spider Mite, Mite, Baby No Spider Mite, Mite, Baby Man i come home, i got all these bugs on my plant, man They weren't there when i woke up I come home they're all over my place, man And the girls can't even come over Cause they come in and meet the mite's first The mite talkin bout 'Hello" I said 'What's goin on?' I said 'I don't have roommates. I don't have time for this'. You know. I need to have a social life. I need to get this Greenway Nutrient Because once you spray it, bam They're gone, baby They're gone Director: Maurice Powers (Director Of Video Production) Lyrics: Damian Edwards (Content Writer) Vocals: Damian Edwards (Content Writer) Mixer: Tom Battaglia (Director Of Operations) Guitar Instrumentals: Chris Kernstock (Marketing & Promotions Manager) New Epic Media 2000 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd. Concourse Tower 1, Suite 901 West Palm Beach, FL 33409 561-282-0365