Six Pack Abs in One Month Program Only Six Dollars!!!!


Uploaded on September 09, 2007 by BadAzz89

Here I am selling that very program, exactly as I used it. It will send it to you in an e-mail with attachments immediately after payment. It will show you exactly what to eat every day, what exercises to do, and what not to do. We will work on an even-day, odd-day basis. Meaning every even day of the month there will be certain foods and drinks allowed, along with certain exercises to perform, focusing on losing fat around the stomach, and every odd day those foods and exercises will be based on building the abs and making them push through. It will include a video of your daily work-out plan, demonstrating the most effective abs work-outs. Also, I have introduced a copy of the "Bleep Test". The Bleep Test is a series of 'bleeps' a few seconds apart, which gradually become closer together as the test progresses. You will set up two points and sprint back and forth, trying to keep up with the 'bleeps'. I have chosen this as it has been scientifically proven that a six-pack is accumulated more effectively through short sprints, as opposed to jogging. I promise you, if you stick to the plan, you will be stunned at the results. Look what it did to me! Now you can be confident in everyday life like me, and want every opportunity to take your top off! A life changing, completely natural program for six dollars! Will sell to any country through Paypal! Every lady loves a man with a six-pack, and this is where you start!

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