Amanda Knox Memoir Due in 2013


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Accused— convicted — acquitted— and soon to be, published. Amanda Knox has signed on with HarperCollins to pen a memoir of her four-years spent behind bars in Italy.

Knox was initially convicted of murdering her British roommate Meredith Kercher while studying abroad in Italy— but she was recently acquitted of the crime.

According to The Daily Mail, the deal comes after...

“...months of tense battling between 20 publishers desperate for a big money windfall...”

Harper Collins won that bidding war— reportedly paying $4 million for Knox’s story. The publishing company says Knox will dish out all the details about the ordeal— but The New York Times notes...

“Some people in the publishing industry have questioned the prospects of a book written by Ms. Knox, who to some members of the public is not a wholly sympathetic figure. But others were convinced that it would be a huge best seller...”

Best-seller or not— those bashing the tell-all book say, what about Meredith Kercher’s family?

“The news is sure to be condemned by many as profiteering from Kercher's death, particularly from the victim's family, who had urged Knox not to publish her story.”

But as ABC reports— faced with colossal legal costs, a book deal may be the best thing for the Knox family...

“...who estimated more than a year ago that they had spent $1 million in legal fees and travel costs to defend and support their daughter.”

So will it sell? A publisher tells Entertainment Weekly— that depends on whether book-buyers believe Knox is innocent.

“People vote at the bookstore when it comes to any big case... You need to ask, ‘Where is the court of public opinion on this?’ That’s who’s going to buy the account.”

The memoir is currently untitled and tentatively set for release sometime in 2013. Meanwhile, the Associated Press reports— Italian prosecutors have asked the country’s highest court to reinstate Knox’s murder conviction.

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