Winterlicious Dinner at Toronto's Estiatorio Volos


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Sadly enough, I had time for but one Winterlicious dinner this year. (#LeSigh) Ms. Nicks and I skipped over to Estiatorio Volos for some three-course lovin' after a shrimp cocktail and Guinness at The Keg – she had been there working, I showed up to start drinking early. Volos is a small port city in Greece, and in Canada it must translate to “pure excellence.” I had been twice before, and each time I'm progressively impressed.

We sat at Table 50, which we were later told was a 'special table', and we were even called out on it by another group of patrons who had requested the spot. (#InYoFace) Honestly, Exohico was in my future so I could've sat on hot coals while a rotund child poked me with a stick and made faces and still have been contented. (FYI, I pretty much despise all children.) But I digress...

As we cozied on in to our chairs – they perturbed La Femme Nikita a bit because she couldn't pull all the way under the table – we were delighted by the wine recommendation of our superb server. Santorini (2011), a beautiful white Greek wine that is a must-try for any vino-loving nosher.

The succession of plates as part of our meal was nothing short of drool-inducing. Saganaki, steamed mussels and dolmades to start, exohico and tiger shrimp orzo for mains, and baklava and ouzo chocolate mousse to finish. (Watch the vid for the reactions and descriptions; writing them here seems redundant and I'm also rather busy today.)

Estiatorio Volos is a definitive gem in the city. Nicks and I adored the meal, the service, the wine – and a special after-dinner sweet sip courtesy the Grecian God owner Andreas – and the...wait for it...'vibe' is so non-Danforth and lacking in the traditional blue and white you might forget altogether you're in a Greek resto. In other words: Go. Now.

Estiatorio Volos 133 Richmond Street West, Toronto 416.861.1211

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