Cell Control Spy Customer Review Bill Jenson


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Cell Control Review by new Cell Control spy customer Bill Jenson.

"I am a protective father. When my teenage daughter came to me and told me she wanted a cell phone I was a little bit skeptical at first. I want to make sure she is safe with everything that she does of course and me and my wife ended up getting her cell phone. I sat down with my daughter and we set the ground rules that if it goes over a certain amount of money or she doesn't use the cell phone appropriately then the cell phone is going to go away. I didn't just stop there though. It's not that I don't trust my daughter I just want to make sure she's safe that's why I purchased cell control spy. Cell control spy gives me that little bit of extra peace of mind. I loaded the cell control spy program onto my cell phone so I never had to touch her cell phone at all. I can see all of her text messages, I can listen to all her phone conversations at any time I want, I can even turn her cell phone into a room spy bugging device, and there is even a GPS location tracking device built into the cell control so I can always tell where my daughter is. it's $69. The download of cell control is instant and unlike other cell phone spy software I looked at on the Internet there are no recurring charges ever. The added peace of mind cell control gave me, as a father is invaluable and I highly recommend cell control."

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