How To Pay Less For Sharp AN3DG20B 3D Glasses


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How To Pay Less For Sharp AN3DG20B 3D Glasses

I ordered 4 Sharp AN3DG20B 3D Glasses from amazon for my Sharp LC70LE735U and LOVE them. Lightweight and comfortable. I don't know what the more expensive ones feel like but these are Excellent. I would say don't waste the extra $75 on them just buy these. Plus if you scratch or break these lenses it's only $75 to replace rather than $150.

The only thing I wish I could do is have the option to replace the battery easier if I ran out of juice. But what the hay who watches more than 9 hours of 3D right? Well maybe my son playing the PS3.

I didn't have a 3D disc but my son had a Ratchet and Clank 3D PS3 game so we loaded the newest firmware on it which supports 3D and WOW WOW WOW. Insane to play this game in 3D. I can't play but my son is an expert (what 14 yr old isn't) and watching him play this game was like watching a movie in 3D. Things were just flying at us and it seemed like we could see behind the people and objects.
Can't wait to get Avatar 3D.

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