How to Move to NYC

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Moving to NYC can be a daunting task but it also can be a very exciting one when you have your pieces in pl...
Moving to NYC can be a daunting task but it also can be a very exciting one when you have your pieces in place. I have read many articles about moving to NYC and none of them give you any good tips and every blog says you must save a lot of money which is not the case. Don’t worry about not saving enough money, money is everywhere and you will run into it if you work hard. Budget: When I first moved to NYC the word on the street was to move to the upper east side because it was the cheapest. They also recommended to move as close to 86th and 3rd avenue because that is where the express subway stop is located. So I looked on Craigslist, called on an ad, met with the broker, looked at 6 or 7 apartments and finally found one that I took that day. It was a no-fee apartment. Which means I did not have to pay the broker the fee. So who does? The Management Company but does this really mean that I saved money? NO. If I went to the management company myself, which is perfectly ok to do, I could have got a month off my rent but instead it went to the agent. There are about 10 monster management companies in NYC that handle 90% of all the apartments. Go to these management companies yourself, they will give you keys to go check them out, jut bring you ID and around $10, they will need it as a deposit for the keys. Now once you have found your apartment don’t be afraid to negociate with them on the price, they will come down! Also, always ask for a month or two off your rent, this is something that is in the norm. No Budget: If you have a small budget and you want to move to NYC, move to Brooklyn. Don’t move to the upper east side or the upper west side unless you go to Columbia University (UWS). Moving there, you will be a good 35min away from Union Square. When people move to NYC for the first time they are usually scared. Now you are telling them to move to Brooklyn which they know nothing about besides Biggie Smalls and drugs, but in fact it is cheap and up and coming. Everyone prefers to live in Williamsburg which is a beautiful area. Don’t let the hipster haters tell you you can’t live there. It is cheap and only a 10-15 min subway ride to Union Square. If you can’t live in Williamsburg look into Greenpoint or one of the surrounding neighborhoods. Criagslist is a great way to go, people are always looking for new roomates and it is a great way to live cheap and meet new people. Shared apartments is also another great way to avoid paying for furniture for they will already have it when you move in. Tips: 1. NYC is a very bicycle friendly town so if you can avoid the $109 monthly unlimited subway fare by biking to work, you are in business. 2. If you are going to be buying the unlimited subway pass (weekly $29 & monthly 109) make sure to save your receite just incase you lose your pass or you will have to pay for another pass. 3. This is a wonderful list of the management companies in NYC. *******www.nybits****/managers/residential_property_managers.html www.rentalleaseagreement****