Mass Election Rally Held For Vladimir Putin

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(Image Source: RIA Novosti) BY TATIANA DARIE ANCHOR EMILY SPAIN With the March 4th election fast a...
(Image Source: RIA Novosti) BY TATIANA DARIE ANCHOR EMILY SPAIN With the March 4th election fast approaching, Vladimir Putin is making sure the attention is back on him. Russians packed into a Moscow stadium to show their support for his presidential bid. Euronews reports.... “For these people there is no question about who is the best man to lead Russia. These are Vladimir Putin’s supporters who have no track with the opposition claims who want a strong leader to guide Russia for the next 6 years.” In this election season it is the biggest presidential rally so far. But some Russians are skeptical about it. The Christian Science Monitor talks to a Moscow Daily’s columnist who says... "The idea of this rally is to produce TV images of mass support for Putin, and also to create the impression that there is an equivalent pro-Putin crowd on the streets of Moscow that balances out the opposition rallies.” At the rally, the crowd heard Putin delivering a patriotic speech in his pledge to win the “battle for Russia”. RIA Novosti has some of the speech... “We will win, but winning at the elections is not enough,” Putin said. “We need to overcome a multitude of problems such as injustice, rudeness of officials, poverty and inequality.” Al Jazeera reports this was no spontaneous gathering. Buses brought people from thousands of kilometres away, but some say they had no choice. “Everyone was forced to come here. We all work for governmental organizations. I wasn’t. But I was. I might get fired and I have got three kids to feed.” The polls show Putin is expected to win the contest against four other candidates. BBC’s Daniel Sandford comments on the latest... “There is no doubt that out in the country, he does command the support of close to half the country. However fair the election will be, he will command the greatest vote on the election, even if it was completely fair.” The next opposition protest in Moscow is planned for Sunday.