Math, Science and Children — A Race for Fun and the Future

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If seeing is believing, then attending the "A World in Motion" competition with 140 fifth-graders from the 186th Street School should be quite a convincing sight.

A World in Motion is SAE International's curriculum program that joins teachers, students, and industry volunteers in an exploration of physical science while addressing essential mathematic and scientific concepts and skills. A World in Motion will hold a Jet Toy competition at the Los Angeles Convention Center (West Hall) on Tuesday, Sept. 18, from 11:45 a.m. to 1:15 p.m.

The event is part of the SAE 2007 AeroTech Congress and Exhibition.

The students will design, construct and race these balloon-powered toy vehicles. Track sponsors are Alcoa Fastening Systems, Northrop Grumman and Toyota.

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