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Lund Animal Hospital Boca, Boarding
Our kennel has large runs and spacious cages for your pets stay at the hospital. We have several packages to make your pets stay a happy one. Some of these include: PUPPY PACKAGE - EXTRA WALKS AND PLAY TIME GERIATRIC PACKAGE - MEDICATIONS ADMINISTERED, EXTRA WALKS AND BRUSHING Our kennel can suit any needs for your pet. We also provide a pig run for boarding your pig or keeping your pets together while you are away. Every pet is giving a physical exam before entering our boarding facility. Grooming Our master groomers are here Monday thru Friday. Ask us about "Soft Paws" the declaw alternative. Also helps the elderly dog with extra support when walking. Please make an appointment as our groomers are usually booked one week in advance. Surgery, With our state of the art surgical suite, we can provide the surgical care of all your pet's needs. From routine spaying and neutering to Laser surgery. Dental, Like your dentist, we recommend your pets teeth are cleaned and polished yearly. Some breeds, like Yorkies, Poodles and Maltese need to be cleaned every six months. We can provide a routine dental health care plan to help them and you keep their mouth as fresh as yours. Ask us about T/D by Science Diet and Oxyfresh a product you just add to their drinking water for fresher breath. These products help maintain healthy teeth and gums between cleaning. www.bocavet.com call today 561-998-5863

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