Prank Hack To Shutdown Friends Computer Very Easy


Uploaded on September 13, 2007 by megashay2000

So you want to send a hack to your friend that will shutdown their computer. Well if you follow these steps and send this file to your friends through AIM or by e-mail they'll get a file that will re-route them to the shutdown sequence on their computer.

Step 1 right click on desktop and select New and then shortcut.

Step 2 In the blank browse box type in:
shutdown (space) -s (space) -t (space) (seconds you want to give the person before their computer starts to shutdown) (space) -c (space) (start quotation mark) (message you want to give them when the countdown sequence is running) (end quotation marks)

Step 3 Click next and name your hack

Step 4 It should be on your desktop ready to be sent

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