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Ricardo Darín (star of Oscar-winning The Secret in Their Eyes) and Martina Gusman (award-winning star of Lion's Den) give stunning performances in the gripping and highly acclaimed thriller CARANCHO (The Vulture), a thrilling nocturnal journey into the darker side of Buenos Aires life, where vultures prey in the night and an unusual love story will form that is sure to set hearts racing through to the film’s powerful finale. The latest from leading Argentinean director Pablo Trapero (Lion’s Den, Born & Bred, Rolling Family) CARANCHO (Argentina's official submission for the 83rd Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film category) has already had a strong and successful presence on the festival circuit, most notably with Official Selection’s at both Cannes and London Film Festivals.

Sosa (Ricardo Darín) is an ambulance-chasing personal injury attorney with questionable ethics. Lujan (Martina Gusman) is a young, idealistic country doctor new to the city. After Lujan and Sosa's paths repeatedly cross, the two form an unlikely romance that is threatened by Sosa’s turbulent past. With traffics accidents as the number one cause of death in Argentina, bodies are currency and a black market strives to get rich from the personal tragedies that litter the streets.

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    Par deux fois, Vincent a cru rencontrer la femme de sa vie. Par deux fois, elles l’ont quitté pour le même homme ... Denis. Maintenant que Vincent file le parfait amour avec Anna, sa seule crainte est que l’histoire se répète.Alors il va tenter de comprendre. Que peuvent-elles trouver à ce type grande gueule, amateur de chemises bariolées et qui enseigne le catch comme une philosophie ?

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    Laure, una niña de 10 años, se muda con sus padres y su hermana pequeña a un nuevo vecindario. Allí, hace nuevos amigos y el verano transcurre entre juegos y risas. Sin embargo Laure tiene un secreto, se hace pasar por un chico, Michael. Lisa, una chica del grupo se enamora de ella creyendo que es Michael, lo que dará pie a situaciones comprometidas. ¿Durante cuánto tiempo podrá Michael hacer creer a los demás que es en realidad Laure? ¿Cuáles serán las consecuencias cuando se descubra su engaño?

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