Another One Bites the Dust - USA Defeats Italy for First Time

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(Image Source: USSoccer) BY ANDREW CARTER ANCHOR CHRISTINA HARTMAN Kicking away years of frustration...
(Image Source: USSoccer) BY ANDREW CARTER ANCHOR CHRISTINA HARTMAN Kicking away years of frustration. At the foot of Clint Dempsey— USA soccer defeated Italy 1-0 for the first time ever ... on Italian soil no less. The victory was the first in 11 tries for the Americans dating all the way back to 1934. Even if the match was just an international friendly ESPN doesn’t dismiss its importance. “A second win in Europe. Lets not forget it took a long long time for US to get the first one, now against the likes of Italy, even if it’s a friendly, you gotta take that, because that builds tons of confidence.” Following the victory the media analyzed how important the game was for the team and its players. Sports Illustrated used this game as a reflection on midfielder Michael Bradley’s overall development under new head coach Jurgen Klinsmann. “The game provided the clearest evidence yet that Bradley can in fact thrive under coach Jurgen Klinsmann. After taking a while to assert himself in the first few months of the new regime, Bradley was a rock against the Italians … In many ways he out-Italianed the Italians.” Many media outlets pointed out Bradley’s stellar performance. But the match was sealed when a low rolling strike from Clint Dempsey found the back of the net. The Independent has more. “It was a moment of well timed precision that should take the Fulham (FULL-UM) midfielder’s reputation higher than that of his compatriots, past and present, and could perhaps see him soar into the realms only known by America’s national bird.” Dempsey’s goal may have given team USA high hopes, but an Italian blog Serie-A-Weekly says — don’t read too much into it. “… With any loss, no matter the significance, questions will always be raised. But Italy’s loss to the Americans does not warrant many. Jurgen Klinsmann’s side were extremely lucky. Cesare Prandelli’s side were unlucky.” Even though the U.S. won, they were outshot 19-4 and the Italians possessed the ball for 61% of the game.