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Attorney Brett Zekowski of Parker Waichman discusses how a puddle of water injured a police officer’s career.

We handle cases all the time that involve injuries suffered from those in life-saving careers such as police officers and firefighters. As their job revolves around a high level of safety, it is shocking to hear when one of them gets harmed in the workplace.

Our client, a police officer, lost his career when he slipped and fell in a puddle of water. This accident was preventable as it was well-known and reported that his precinct continued to have an area that flooded. This hazard continued to go unaddressed.

When our client fell, he injured his back so severely that he was unable to work again. The jury rewarded him with $3 million dollars in a settlement to recover what he lost for his injury and what his future lost earnings would be. Our client lost his career because of his employer failed to live up to the standards of safety they should be providing.

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